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Bennett Live Short Film Design Challenge (BL2020-DC2)

Calling all Young Filmmakers! Take the Bennett Live Short Film Design Challenge!

Short film is one of the most powerful ways to share our stories with the world! Do you love film and movies and have a story you want to share with the world?

The Bennett Live Youth Film Design Challenge is a challenge-based competition for youth in Grades 7-12 (Ages 13-18).

Over 5-challenges the program will provoke you to develop your film idea, and using the devices available to you, develop, document, and master the skills to compose and produce your own short film.

During the challenge, you will be invited to:

1. Identify and script the story you want to share
2. Select your actors or body of focus
3. Find a location and set the scene
4. Play with shots, light, and sound
5. Edit your work into a short film

Take the short film challenge today!

  • About - The Design Challenge Series
  • Bennett Live Youth Design Challenge - Get Started!
  • Short Film Design Challenge Guide
  • Introduction to Short FIlm
  • Welcome by Challenge Coach - Filmmaker Mr. Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah
  • About Challenge Coach - Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah
  • Challenge Coach - Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah - In Action
  • Getting Started
  • Film Challenge Getting Started, with Kofi Ofosu-Yeboah
  • The Beginner’s Guide to the Filmmaking Process by New York Film Academy
  • 8 Things Every New Filmmaker Should Learn Before Making Their First Film
  • 10 Things You Should Know When You First Start Out in Filmmaking
  • Three iPhone Cinematography Tips for Beginner Filmmakers
  • iPhone Filmmaking: Your Camera Doesn't Matter
  • Challenge 1 - 7 Shots, 1 Location
  • Challenge 1 - 7 Shots, 1 Location
  • Challenge 1: 7 Shots and 1 Location
  • Challenge 1 - Advice on Storyboarding
  • Challenge 1 - Advice - The Shot List
  • Challenge 1: Slides - The Kuleshov Effect
  • 5 Editing Techniques That Speak Louder Than Words
  • Pudovkin’s 5 Editing Techniques
  • Guide to Camera Shots: Every Shot Size Explained
  • Challenge 2: The Master Shot!
  • Challenge 2: The Master Shot!
  • Challenge 2: Advice on The Master Shot!
  • Challenge 2: Slides - The Master Shot
  • Challenge 2: Resources
  • Challenge 3: Your Film in Words
  • Challenge 3: Your Film in Words
  • Challenge 3: Slides - Your Film in Words
  • Article: The Importance of Writing
  • Article: How to Write a Film Treatment
  • Challenge 4: Prepping the Shoot
  • Challenge 4: Prepping the Shot
  • Challenge 5: Made 3 Times!
  • Challenge 5: Made 3 Times
  • Discussion
  • Questions
  • Weekly Film Work Examples
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certification with a duration: Forever